Business Strategy Services

Global Conductor assists our Clients in aligning their resources to evaluate significant operational situations, determine an approach, and then execute on their Goals and Objectives. These services are provided through our three primary Business Strategy services:

Initiative Assessment & Business Case Development

Global Conductor provides targeted strategic and tactical assessment services to evaluate key enterprise initiatives and provide actionable recommendations to achieve desired objectives.  We support our clients in the development and delivery of comprehensive road maps and business cases to capture the strategic Business Drivers for initiating a project.  A structured approach is utilized to document and evaluate the project’s purpose and objectives/benefits, the solution options and associated costs and the identification of gaps and risks.

Case Studies

Strategy Case Study

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IT & Operations Strategy

Global Conductor works with our Clients to develop a plan specifying how your organization should approach organization, process, and systems challenges and effectively allocate resources. The resulting IT and Operations Strategy is driven by the overall business strategy of the organization, and is designed to maximize effectiveness; identify and capture benefits, while minimizing cost of execution.

Executive Advisory Services & Coaching

Global Conductor’s experience working with many different F500 clients across Industries and Service Delivery areas provides us the perspective to assist our clients to maintain a larger perspective to apply and adapt to the forces affecting their organization.