Time and Labor

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Industry: Automotive
Size: 6500 employees
Global/US: US
Project Duration: 7 Months
Deployment Strategy: Refocus the team, replan the project, Go-Live

Technology / Process Area

Organizational Readiness Assessment and Training to Support GIS Project

  • Time & Labor
  • Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits Administration, and Third-Party Vendor Integration

Global Conductor


Our client’s objective was to bring their Workforce Software (WFS) Time & Labor system up to the current release to take advantage of new features, improved security, and cloud infrastructure.  Our client had been struggling to make progress on upgrading their Time & Labor system and brought in Global Conductor to get the project back on track.

The client had not upgraded their system since it was installed 7 years ago, leading to an outdated version of Workforce Software that increased the difficulty related to upgrading to the current version.  Our approach was to treat the project as a reimplementation keeping as much of the current functionality the same to reduce rework.  First, we reassessed the scope and timeline to produce a meaningful and realistic project plan, then we took a deep dive into the technical and functional work assigning experts to each area to complete the work.

Project Team Support:

Project Manager – Served as the main point of contact between WFS, the Client, and third-party resources, coordinating and managing the overall project schedule.

T&L/Payroll Business Analysts – Provided subject matter expertise to facilitate the completion of client-side implementation tasks, including backfill of client daily jobs as necessary.

Change Management Communications Lead – Managed client stakeholders throughout project lifecycle, from executive suite through the 13,000 associates.

Training Coordinator – Designed training

Integration Lead – Led all aspects of integration from gathering requirements to deployment.

Benefit Summary

  • Delivered the expected scope within budget and timeline
  • Upgraded to the current cloud-based version
  • Improved functionality
  • Always up to date security

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