SAP Implementation Support

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Industry: Automotive
Size: 32000 employees
Global/US: US
Project Duration: 5 years
Deployment Strategy: Phased release approach to launching SAP for corporate and manufacturing facilities separately

Technology / Process Area

PMO and Key SAP/A&F Knowledge Expertise

  • Corporate Finance
  • Accounting Services
  • Procurement
  • Project Management

Global Conductor


The client’s objective was to implement SAP Financials to support their North American Accounting & Finance, as well as Procurement organizations. The scope of this project included the North American Head Quarters and production facilities in the USA and Mexico. The client partnered with a large implementation partner, however, had challenges filling their roles on the project team without disrupting current operations. Global Conductor stepped in to provide knowledge experts in SAP/A&F/Procurement/Project Management.

Global conductor worked across RTR, OTC, PTP, BPC, and Reporting to ensure the SAP system was a success for our client. We had the second largest consulting headcount on the project.

Our Approach:

  • Enhance coordination between workstreams and the business to verify project strategic alignment to the organization (culture, systems, and processes). Including meeting with international leadership to gain buy in on key design decisions
  • Focus workstream teams on sprint goals and timelines to improve throughput
  • Provide an objective approach to implementing SAP to counterbalance the implementation partner.

Project Team Support:

Project Manager – Assisted client in managing client stakeholders throughout project lifecycle, from executive suite through employees in the finance organization and the external clients.

SAP Specialists – Developed their Global Chart of Accounts by collaborating with USA and Japan leadership. Provided key input on the configuration of the system and interfaces to ensure a proper fit for the client.

Scrum Masters – Organized multiple workstreams while educating the client on Scrum methodology. Led Scrum ceremonies with client and implementation partner team members, which assisted in keeping the project on a tight timeline.

Benefit Summary

  • Developed Global Chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Became a client advocate with an objective view of configuring SAP
  • Enhanced the ability to deliver projects to meet business needs – functionality, timeline, and cost
  • Increased communication with internal stakeholders
  • Documented Interface requirements and provided post launch support

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