Global Conductor Partners with KPMG and ADP to Take the Lead in ACA Healthcare Reform

Cypress, CA – December 3, 2013 – To address the growing concern of ACA compliance, Global Conductor CEO Troy Edgar will introduce a ground-breaking ACA Assessment Framework to the Restaurant Industry CFO Conference on December 12, 2013 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dana Point, CA. Global Conductor, in partnership with KPMG and ADP, will give a comprehensive perspective of the current healthcare environment and an evaluation of ACA regulatory issues. This collaborative will provide context for CFO’s in determining the impact of these complex policy decisions on operations.

“Understanding the healthcare reform environment is the first step – determining the direct impact to an organization, then designing and implementing a solid solution has become an insurmountable hurdle that will stunt potential growth in every affected industry across America”, says Troy Edgar, CEO of Global Conductor.

Global Conductor has developed a 7-step ACA compliance framework that enables large, affected
corporations with over 10,000 employees the ability to consistently assess the total fiscal and operational impact of this mandatory healthcare reform
. The Global Conductor framework not only helps businesses better validate their organization’s readiness for ACA, but also provides an integrated solution with appropriate governance, controls, and access to data that will ensure successful ACA compliance.

“Our ultimate goal is to be a partner and key resource that can assess, develop and execute an action plan that makes sense for their business model and that meets their unique needs”, says Edgar.

Key factors in the restaurant industry, such as a relatively large part-time, young workforce combined with a 75% employee turnover rate are challenges that directly impact how these companies will implement
healthcare reforms. “Size and structure can vary widely within each company, and those factors drastically influence the way in which that company executes a compliance and shared responsibility strategy, and may lead to considerable changes in their business model”, says Edgar.

Healthcare Reform provides complex compliance and reporting challenges that are extremely difficult for
companies to monitor and act upon due to its ever-changing requirements. This, in conjunction with its broad impact affecting multiple aspects of an organization including Finance, Human Resources, Benefits
Administration, Payroll, IT and Reporting, many large-scale enterprises are finding themselves increasingly behind in implementing a solution.

About Global Conductor
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