BPO Transition Case Study

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Industry: Automotive
Size: 6,500 employees
Global/US: US
Project Duration: 9 Months
Deployment Strategy: COS Go-Live
Phase 2 – Kaizen Improvements

Technology / Process Area

FADP Payroll BPO Comprehensive Outsourcing Services (COS) Project

  • Payroll; Time & Labor
  • Human Resources, Benefits Administration and Third Party Vendor Integration (ACH On Demand, Total Pay / Pay Card)

Global Conductor


Client’s objective was to reduce annual Payroll and Time & Labor operating costs and overhead expenses associated with the generation of an excess volume of on and off cycle manual checks; eliminate the need for the associates to cash or deposit their paycheck to gain access to their funds; and improve customer satisfaction levels to over 13,000 associates.

This was to be accomplished by implementing best practices, standardizing policies, and ensuring the efficient enforcement of regulatory compliance. Through this project they encountered the following challenges:

  • Underestimated internal project resource requirements
  • Competing corporate priorities impacting scope, dependencies and resource availability
  • Concern for benefits realization to achieve desired end-state client staffing model and savings

Using our project management and functional expertise as well as options available through the client’s Payroll provider (ADP COS), we were able evaluate the client readiness, identify internal resource and skill gaps, and provide project staff and expertise as required. We were also able to automate the off cycle payment process by implementing Off Cycle ACH; reduce the volume of On Cycle manual checks by conducting a pay automation campaign and working with Human Resources to enhance the New Hire Kit to provide greater visibility to the available options.

Project Team Support:

Project Manager – Served as the SPOC (single point of contact) between ADP and Client resources, coordinating all staff and managing the overall project schedule.

Payroll Business Analysts – Provided subject matter expertise to facilitate the completion of client-side implementation tasks, including backfill of client daily jobs as necessary.

Change Management Communications Lead – Managed client stakeholders throughout project lifecycle, from executive suite through the 13,000 associates.

Training Coordinator – Designed training

Benefit Summary

  • Transitioned to COS model on schedule
  • Standardized all policies and procedures
  • 100% electronic payment
  • Reduction in Payroll expense
  • Established client Retained Team with agreed to performance measures
  • Positioned client to take on Phase II work internally

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